Destiny is calling me

"you sit there in your heartache
waiting on some beautiful boy to
to save you from your old ways
you play forgiveness
 watch him now - here he comes
he doesn't look a thing like Jesus
but he talks like a gentleman
like you emagined when you were young"

Sverige; Jag kommer hem 25 maj istallet for 1.
Jag var bara inte klar med det har stallet annu. Imorgon lamnar jag dock mitt alskade Vang Vieng och Oh la la Bar for Koh Pangang och Fullmoon party.

I dagarna 3 har vi firat Lao New Year har. Det basta nyaret jag nansin varit med om med vattenkrig och fest i hela stan varje dag, elefantparader. Dans och sang overallt hela tiden. Lovely!

It's been a while

"Hello. Do you miss me?
I hear you say you do, but not the way I'm missing you.
What's new? How's the weather?
Is it stormy where you are? 'Cause you sound so close but it feels like you/re so far.

Keep in mind we're under the same skies
and the nights - as empty for me as for you.
If you feel you can't wait 'till morning - kiss the rain and wait for the dawn."

Mamma, pappa det ar tomt utan er <3.


Team Mexico feat Team Sweden

Save Tonight
And fight the break of dawn
- tomorrow i'll be gone.




team mexico feat team sweden <3